A Family Business

We are a family business trading since 1960 making us one of the longest-standing antique dealerships around and we believe in providing good old-fashioned customer service through our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Our product range showcases unique pieces of fine antique jewellery and silverware – as one of the founding members of the Antique Dealers Association of South Africa (SAADA), we guarantee the authenticity of all goods sold.   We also have a very popular range of modern jewellery based on the vintage style that is not meant to deceive one, but rather to celebrate the beauty of fine antique design.  Most of this modern vintage jewellery range is set in either gold or silver with precious/semi-precious stones and/or cultured freshwater pearls.  We also offer a range of Carrs of Sheffield sterling silver and silver-plated frames.

For the perfect gift for your friends and family, please see our vast selection either in-store or online.

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The Kay’s Team

Meet The Family

Two of our friendly sales staff, Zubeida and Christine

Nicky and Adré Smit with their grandchildren

Zubeida, David and Christine

Our third lovely sales lady, Vanessa

Nicky Smit with sales manager David Stockenstroom

Nicky and David hand-selecting pearls at a Jewellery Fair

One of the last pictures of our very special Kay Derriman

Our History

One of the most important aspects of the shop has been display. The window displays are the first port of call to draw customers in. Having always been quite artistic, I have always had great fun doing the windows, agonizing over every little detail especially for Christmas windows. We have entered many national window display competitions and in 1988 I won a trip to Scotland by winning the J & B Met window competition. I also won the World Cup Cricket and Rugby window and a further 15 J& B Met windows. I pay a lot of attention to detail and I am rewarded by so many people coming to tell us how they come especially to see our windows.

Kay’s Flying Start To Life

KAY’S ANTIQUES – A short history, as told by Nicky Smit, daughter of Kay Derriman who was the founder of Kay’s Antiques, and current owner.


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